Volunteer fundraising makes a big difference in our bottom line, and is a great way to have fun while supporting the shelter! You can throw a party, host a yard sale, or have a bowl-a-thon. You can ask for donations in lieu of gifts at your wedding or birthday party, or get some friends together for a big bake sale. Do you own your own business? Spend a day collecting contributions, put out a donation jar, or donate a portion of your receipts for a day. Whatever you choose, you’ll be helping to save lives at VAO – here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Read our Third Party Event Guidelines document. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about raising money or supplies for the shelter, and it has lots of ideas for events, too!
  • Step 2: Complete the Third Party Promotion Agreement (it’s the last page of the Event Guidelines document) and return it to the shelter.
  • Step 3: Host your event and have a blast!
  • Step 4: Drop off your donations and help save lives!

Contact the shelter with any questions, and thank you!


Current Fundraisers

CaringCent Is Up And Running

All you have to do is create an account, register your credit card, and select the Voorhees Animal Orphanage as your charity of choice. All of your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and donated to the VAO! You can set a monthly limit to your comfort level. It’s a great (and painless) way to have a recurring monthly donation. Caring Cent will also provide year-end income tax reports for your donations. Please consider joining. Every penny counts! 

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