Pet Impasto Canvas Fundraiser

Have your pet’s photo converted into a colorful life-infused, Impasto style canvas! Add some beautiful art to your home or office, and help your local animal shelter while you are at it!

Canvases will be offered in two sizes:

8” x 8” for $22

12” x 12” for $44


Visit our fundraising page here:

Order the size(s) you would like.

Within 2 days of placing your order, you will receive an email directly from the photographer, Marianne Leone. She will ask you to send her the photo(s) that you would like on your canvas(es).

Once Marianne confirms that she has received your image(s), you’re all set!

All orders will be available for pick up at our 27th Annual Woofstock Festival on September 23rd at the Voorhees Town Center.  If you are unable to pick up at Woofstock, you will be able to pick up at the shelter beginning September 25.

The nitty gritty details – You provide a favorite photo of your pet. Images must be of ONE pet only. Marianne will crop, center, and alter the background so that your pet is the single focus, and then layer in the colorful Impasto special effects to it.

Orders will be accepted until Monday, September 4th ONLY.


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