Our Mission


Voorhees Animal Orphanage will provide compassionate shelter and adoption services for the animals entrusted to our care with a goal of safely reuniting them with their owners or finding them suitable and permanent new homes.


  • Operate to meet or exceed a 90% live outcome rate (no-kill);
  • Shelter and support rescued animals until they are returned to their owners or find permanent homes;
  • Provide individual care with compassion for animals and their families;
  • Humanely end the suffering of any animal that is irrecoverably ill, injured, or incapacitated;
  • Provide spay/neuter and a microchip for every animal that is adopted from the shelter;
  • Educate the community regarding the humane care and handling of companion animals;
  • Be thoughtful, civil, and supportive while caring for our animals, our community, and each other.


  • To operate as a model shelter and adoption center, returning to their owners or securing permanent homes in a timely fashion for every animal that can be saved;
  • To be an exemplary shelter and adoption center through collaborative partnerships, responsible business practices, and exceptional customer service;
  • To implement an innovative and successful business model for shelter, adoption, foster, and rescue partnerships.


  • Maintain or increase the number of successful live outcomes via existing programs;
  • Innovate in working with rescue partners, private animal welfare agencies, and municipal animal welfare agencies to develop and implement new and effective programs to increase live outcomes;
  • Maintain fiscally responsible and fully transparent business and operations practices.
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